Translating Spiritual Development

Our Solution

Jude Project has partnered with multiple agencies to translate and distribute a digital Pastor’s Library of 250 essential theological texts that would give a solid foundation for the spiritual leadership of the region.

Alongside this effort, we are translating a Spiritual Growth Library of another 250 books that will be helpful for believers of all maturity and leadership levels to be able to grow in their own faith and disciple or counsel others.

These 500 books will be translated into five strategically chosen languages; chosen because of the exponential growth yet under resourced nature of the church among those people groups.

Biblical training matters.

Biblical training makes a tangible difference in the lives of Christians around the world. Here are a few examples of how our work impacts the lives of others:

  • Pastors and other leaders finally have the resources they need to fulfill their calling
  • Small groups (and even whole churches) are supplied with training resources in their language
  • Individual Christians are able to personally study scripture and grow in their relationship with God

Why it hasn’t been done…yet.

Our work requires a very particular–and scarce–combination of skills and knowledge. Due to the complexity of the subject matter, our translators must be qualified linguists as well as trained theologians.

We have a gifted group of translators and editors who use their remarkable abilities to advance the Gospel. We support them with advanced training, financial assistance, and project management.

Your support helps us to fulfill our mission. We cannot do it without your help.

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