Translating Spiritual Development

The Need

Theological Famine

There are almost 400 million speakers of Farsi, Azeri, Armenian, Kurdish, Urdu and Turkish with some of the oldest Christian communities among them. Muslims in the Middle East are seeking Jesus and converting to Christianity at unprecedented rates.  Yet they have no systematic biblical training resources in their language to grow in their faith or teach others. This leads to Christian communities that lack depth in areas of the world that desperately need a strong foundation to live as Christ-followers.

For Christians, theology is the lens through which the Gospel is projected to the world. Therefore, good theological training is essential to the spiritual development of Christians and to their edification of society. While abundant training resources–seminary level course books, video series, small group workbooks for example–exist in English, there often aren’t similar resources available for Christians who don’t speak English.

In fact, for many Christian communities, there is little or no theological material available in their native language.

The consequences of this shortage are powerful:

  • Pastors and leaders are ill-equipped to teach and care for their congregations and communities
  • Earnest, motivated Christians aren’t able to have the Gospel impact they might otherwise have
  • Many Christian communities are entirely dependent upon one or two trained pastors (and often falter when that pastor moves or–as in the persecuted church–is removed from his position)

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